Marriage Fund Building

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Marriage is one of the most promising occasions in life. A wedding ceremony along with guests and presents brings with it a long list of expenses that need to be taken care of. On the contrary, we cannot control the uncertainties that will take place which can have the potential of drastic effects on the ceremony. For this, it is important to cover yourself against such uncertainties and incidents. A Wedding Insurance Policy comes really handy at such times as it shields you from open risks.

Marriages are made in heaven, but the expenses have to be covered on earth. While parents continue to make it fabulous spending every penny of their hard earned money, our experts have a little opinion too for the couples tying knots, “It is best to clear any kind of debts/ loan as it becomes a shared burden of your personal loan.” Even with compatible policies, there come a few exceptions that cannot be overlooked.

Get the Right Coverage

No risk or uncertainty comes informed. It is our responsibility to protect our loved ones from such uninformed, sometimes fatal incidents. You can choose the best plan that suits your family and keeps them protected, always. Few plans to make you marriage ready.

  • MIP- Monthly income plan, similar to mutual funds, with less than 25% equity exposure.
  • SIP- Systematic Investment Plan, allows your banker to deduct a certain amount from your account every month for a particular span of time.
  • ULIPs (Unit-linked Investment Plans) made by parents for you marriage have minimum or no equity exposure as the goal is nearing.
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What you cover in marriage fund building


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Why You Need Marriage Fund Building

  • Cancellation of wedding due to natural occurrences (death) will be covered.
  • Coverage of property damage due to accidents, temporary set ups are sometimes included too.
  • Marriage insurance covers issues like postponing the wedding under specific reasons.
  • Public Liability cover protects against injury/ death at the venue also covering third party damage.