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A pension plan is not so different from a retirement plan. In this plan a part of your income is accumulated over a long period of time so you have a secured financial future. In retirement plans, the beneficiary had to regular contribute a specific amount out if their income till they retire. Pension is nothing but the same accumulated money given back at intervals. Savings get exhausted real quick, that is when pension comes into the picture.

Pension plans differ from other plans. Once you choose a plan, it cannot be changed. Hence it is important to take expertise on such things and take up a plan that will suit you in the long run to avoid risk factors.

Get the Right Coverage

Planning retirement is not easy, it’s rather a life long process. It calls for financial planning since the very beginning. This is important as it makes it easy to choose from the wide options of the policies available.

  • Deferred annuity:This scheme comes with a number of benefits one of which is 1/3 rd of it is tax free.
  • Immediate annuity:Under this scheme, pension is provided immediately, but depends on the lump sum amount paid by the policyholder.
  • Annuity certain: Under this, the policyholder receives pension for specific years. If they policyholder happens to die before the time period is over, money will be paid to the beneficiary.

What you cover in pension planning


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Why You Need Pension Planning

  • Contributions are tax deductible, that is, atleast one third of the pension is tax free.
  • If the receiving member is no more, the partner gets to take advantage of the benefits and the money. Either way, you secure your family’s future.
  • Guaranteed income even after retirement. You can enjoy your financial independence like you were, when you had a job.
  • These plans are a part of all liquidity, which means some plans allow withdrawal even when the accumulation stage is going on.