Wealth Creation

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It is impossible to predict what will happen to us in the near future. To fulfill your requirements it is important to invest where you get good returns or buy a policy cover. For this we have ULIPs- Unit Linked Insurance Plans which is a combination of insurance and investment and also provide dual benefits. This money is partially then invested in equity funds and money markets. The rest of the amount goes to providing life cover to the policyholder. It is one of the best options.

Even though equity has risk, not deciding to invest in it is not a smart option either, specifically when the market has produced better returns. It is also very critical to have proper knowledge of all the policies before investing into one.

Get the Right Coverage

Under section 80C and, section 80D, section 80DD and section 10D(D) of the Income Tax Act various tax benefits are provided as government laws. With relevant policies to choose from, you can secure your future as well as your family members.

  • Death benefit: The beneficiary receives half of the benefit immediately after death and the remaining half a year after death.
  • Maturity benefit: This refers to the amount received by the beneficiary/ nominee when the policy matures. It includes a additional benefits too like terminal bonus and basic sum assured
  • Tax benefits: Any amount that has to be paid to the beneficiary that is claimed under life insurance policies, is applicable for tax deduction.

What you cover in wealth creation


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Why You Need Wealth Creation

  • Crisis management- crisis cannot be avoided, but with enough financial solutions, they can be prevented or at least the seriousness can be reduced.
  • Greater opportunities- the more money we possess, the more options we have. It adds more value to life and learning.
  • Financial freedom: The greatest benefits of having money is being financially independent. Money can expand options with respect to personal and professional level. You can have access to the elite class.
  • Secured future: Money can get you a lot of things, including securing the future of you and your loved one’s. With different policy options and benefits you don’t have to worry about their future even if you are not around for them.